LAX VOX® Individual Items

Man uses the original LAX VOX®-tube

This is where you will find all the individual LAX VOX® items that you need for your favourite vocal exercise.
You can buy them individually, or as one of our LAX VOX® sets.

As Marketta Sihvo says, the LAX VOX® tube is ‘the magic wand for your voice’.
Made according to the developer’s specifications; of medical-grade non-toxic silicone; with markings for optimal positioning.

You can order the LAX VOX® tube either unpackaged or in a high-quality and durable cardboard box.

The LAX VOX® tube holder fixes the tube at the required depth to facilitate the exercise. Made of flexible plastic.

The LAX VOX® bag is the ideal solution to hygienically store your LAX VOX® tube. Made from 100% cotton, double-coated, and therefore water-repellent; it is available in a number of great colours.

Find out how to use LAX VOX® at You will receive a brochure with the exercise instructions with each order. We also encourage you to take part in one of our workshops.

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